1 to 1 Personal Training with a 360 Fitness coach is not about having a trainer stick you on a machine, or on a treadmill for 30 minutes whilst they stand there.

We assess, re-assess and then implement techniques and methods that will improve, and get you from where you are to where you want to be. We leave no stone unturned so that you move from A to B in the most efficient time. Health throughout this phase is of most importance. Whether you are an regular gym going, or just starting back again. We ensure with our training and nutritional help, we help you achieve your goals.


After a brief conversation on the phone with your 360 Fitness Personal Trainer, we then arrange a assessment where we can determine that right path for you and prepare a plan of action to get you to your goals in the time frame required. Whether the goal is 4, 6, 12weeks, or even 1 year, we map out the entire process for you to give you the best service possible.


This program is for those wanting something special, a higher end, more personal approach. 

Whatever your personal goals are, we periodize everything we do to fit into your unique lifestyle and help you get a balanced approach so that it can be permanently effective for you. By working on a 121 basis, your entire session is devoted to you.


Our systems are very effective for getting clients in great shape. But one of the most important benefits that is often overlooked is that we do this all with your health as first priority. We fuel your body to make you feel good, as well as looking good.

Our approach is always about you, the client. You are what is important to us and we listen to you every step of the way. We plan your goals, but if they change for whatever reason, we immediately set out a new plan to make it what you want. Our careful approach to everything we do is why our transformations are so effective and long lasting.


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