Our Covid- 19 Plan - 360 FITNESS

At 360 Fitness your health, fitness and wellbeing is our number one priority. We have always believed in keeping the gym spotless, tidy and safe for all our clients.

We are already in a good place with our cleaning practises.

The Coronavirus situation has required us to step it up a notch to ensure clients are feeling protected when we reopen, so we have devised a strict plan going forward .

Firstly we aren't like commercial gyms where anyone can walk in, use equipment and walk out. Each session at 360 Fitness is with one of our Personal Trainers. So we can ensure the capacity of the gym is not exceeding the recommend regulations.

Here are some of the initiatives we are doing

1. We have completely transformed the gym in the weeks we have been off by repainting, de cluttering and buying new equipment to make sure the gym is sparkling and up to the high standards we expect.

2. It is recommend by UK active (The national body that lobbies the Government on behalf of the Health and Fitness Industry) that each client has 100 sq ft space, when training. We are blessed with a close to 4000 sq ft training area after our recent refurb, so we can ensure clients are getting TRIPLE the recommend training space at a minimum.

3. We have reconfigured the gym to ensure all equipment is over 2 metres apart.

As you will have seen when you go out to the shops, for example, it is now a very common practise. So, our floor stickers, posters, and designated individual training areas will help ensure members are reminded and we are all enforcing this.

4. For the cleaning protocols each client will have to wash their hands upon entering the facility (We have 3 hand washing areas). Once in the gym, we have 2 additional specific cleaning area's we have created in the gym, with hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes. (We already actually implemented this a few weeks before we shut for the Coronavirus and have always had a hand sanitiser machine available ready to use).

Every 360 Fitness Trainer is fully briefed on our protocols, will be wiping down equipment after a client is finished with a piece of equipment and after each session.

5. We will be limiting sessions capacity to ensure no more than 4 clients are with any trainer in gym. We are doing this by changing our slots from 1 hour long to 50 minutes. Just by doing this and adding more sessions times, we can ensure 4 more training slots each day, which will help lower numbers in each session.

Our goal, as ever is to continue being the best Personal Training facility in Tameside and Manchester.

By doing what we do best producing results!

So we look forward to welcoming back our existing clients, bringing on clients (we will be limiting this to ensure we don't go over capacity) and still maintain our 360 Fitness community in the gym. So everyone can still train hard, get results and enjoy socialising with other members, while adhering to social distancing!


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