Imagine Spending 7 Days In A 5 Star Villa With Your Very Own Chef, Personal Trainer and Daily Massages.


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Dear Frustrated Yo Yo Dieter,

This is for anyone frustrated with their Health and Fitness, no matter where you are starting your journey, we are here to get you to your destination.

You might be reading this because you are frustrated with your fat loss, perhaps the weight around your midsection won’t seem to budge, maybe your love handles annoy you, and skinny jeans, well funnily enough they don’t make you feel skinny, perhaps it's just that you don’t have the confidence you want down at the beach or wearing that dress on a night out, you know the one.

To make matters worse you don’t know why the scales aren’t budging. You have tried the low fat, low carb, the detox diets, magic fat loss pills, the cleanses and you might even have lost a little bit of weight, you may have lost a lot, but not matter what it always seems to come back with a vengeance, and it only takes a few weeks to notice it creeping back.

It seems to be an endless cycle of deprivation, near starvation or boring, bland, and down right depressing meals. Before you know it willpower gives in and you find yourself huddled on the couch with an empty pizza box and an empty tub of ice cream, not really sure how you went from salad to binge and you still don't feel better. The roller coaster is exhausting and the worst part you just don't know how to stop this crazy yo yo.


Fat loss can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be, you can achieve your dream body stress free, you just need to have a clear plan, and that is why we developed The Ultimate Health and Fitness Retreat Experience.

We whisk you away to Spain for 6 nights and 7 days and help you kick start your fat loss with our Signature Fat Loss plan we use at our transformation gym. Before you arrive we work out your unique meal plan based upon your goals, current body fat and weight so whilst on the retreat your personal chef caters to your unique needs.   Our trainers will take you through daily training sessions, tailored specifically to your fitness level, to help lift your metabolism, tone your body and drop the unwanted weight whilst finishing every day with a massage so you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the next day.

The truth is, everyone has been stuck in a little bit of a rut, at one time or another, yes even us, this retreat is to take you out of that and truly take your health to levels you only dreamed of when you made those new years resolutions. We know that 7 days is only a flash in the pan and whilst we will kick start your fat loss and you will feel amazing when you leave, we aim to arm you with knowledge so you know exactly how and when to eat, and how to train in the gym when you get back to your every day life.

How do we do this?

With our 4 mini Education Sessions through the week, we cover mastering your metabolism, understanding how to unlock your fat loss hormones, the key to dropping cellulite for good, and how to create the ultimate fat loss lifestyle. With these 4 seminars you have the keys to the fat loss kingdom.

As if that isn't enough, we do not just want to wave goodbye and wish you well at the end of the 7 days, so just in case your motivation lulls so we coach you online for the next 28 days following the retreat to ensure you have cemented the new rituals in your life that we teach you in Spain; or if you live nearby 360 Fitness  you can even complete you 28 days post retreat at your facility. Amazing.

So who is the fitness retreat for?

  • Are struggling to lose unwanted kilos from their mid section or thighs
  • Are frustrated with slow results in their weight loss
  • Are Yo Yo dieters who want to learn the real fat loss formula
  • Want to be whisked away to a 5 star villa and have their own private chef and trainer for a week
  • Want to kick start their health to a new rejuvenated version of themselves
  • Want to have daily massages and yoga sessions to be more flexible and reduce stress
  • Would love to learn the exact fat loss formula by leading Transformation Experts so they can take control of their bodies and their hormones once and for all

Who are we?

We are 360 Fitness, a gym based in Staybridge, Manchester who specialise in results.

  • Our gyms are exclusively Body Transformation centres and our Personal Trainers are experts in helping females transform their bodies in record times. We tailor diets specifically to the individual clients and educate them on how to eat the most food possible whilst losing weight.

    We know that dieting needs to be a lifestyle, not a fad, and ensure our clients maintain a healthy relationship with food. We don’t believe in heavy calorie restrictions, shakes, or pills, or limiting certain foods that leads to bingeing. Yes that includes all the foods you may enjoy, bread, pasta, rice, ice cream and even a glass of wine. The flexibility is amazing. We also believe that everyone is individual when it comes to diet so there is no one size that fits all so we create custom diets for all of our clients to maximize their fat loss hormones to make losing body fat as easy, and as enjoyable, as possible.

    Our training style is built around strength based training to create those toned muscles, a dash of HIIT to keep you sweaty and smiling but we believe that where there is ying there must also be yang. To give you balance we incorporate yoga into our routine to help every client not only lose their desired body fat and achieve their dream body, but also help to reduce aches and pains and increase flexibility and mobility

  • Daily Strength Sessions to improve muscle tone and drop unwanted body fat
  • Daily Yoga to increase flexibility and decrease aches, pains and stress
  • Your own private chef cooking meals to your unique fat loss requirements
  • Your own private personal trainer coaching you through your training sessions each day to ensure you are completely every exercise with proper form but also pushing your body to the right intensity to get the best results
  • Daily Massages to finish your day rejuvenated and relaxed
  • 5 Star Villa luxury where you get to spend some down time relaxing by the pool
  • 2 Beach Fitness Sessions to increase your cardio health and increase fat loss
  • 4 Education Sessions to arm you with the knowledge to help you lose body fat and achieve your dream body for one and for all
  • Optional surfing or Snorkelling session to have some fun in the water
  • 4 cooking lessons over the week to teach you how to make quick health meals that taste good, so that you are ready to sustain your new found flexibility and delicious meals at home.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


What is the cost?

You might have been reading what is included and think to yourself, somewhere between £4,000 to £6,000. I mean heck, all this sounds like it's worth about that. But don't worry we won’t be charging anything close to that for your Luxury Fitness Retreat.

  • Your own live in Personal Trainer would normally cost - Upwards from £1,000 for the week
  • Your own private chef would normally cost - Upwards of £800 for the week
  • Daily massages - Upwards of £400 for the week
  • Daily Yoga - Upwards of £150 for the week
  • Private Villa - Upwards of £2500 for the week

Normally all of this could cost north of £4,700, though we won't let you pay close to that!

When is the Luxury Health Retreat?

15th May 2016 -  8 Spots available.

We will whisk you away with just 11 others on this exclusive and personalised health retreat for ONLY £997 which is less than the cost you would normally pay for the accommodation.


We Include our 14 day nutrition plan.

Where We Change Your Diet With Your, Coach You Through Your Training Programs and Give You Unlimited Support To Ensure You Achieve Your Dream Body.

The places are limited for the Luxury Health and Fitness Retreat to Just 12 people


So we can ensure the highest level of service and results and experience guaranteed. So to grab your spot, simply click the button apply below with your information and we will call you and go through any questions you may have, so please register below and we can get you ready to transform your body and your life with the Ultimate Luxury week away

P.S, As soon as you have your phone call with our Personal Trainer to discuss the Luxury Fitness Retreat we will send you our 14 day Day Online Rapid Fat Loss Plan to kick off your fat loss free of charge so you don’t have to wait to start to achieve your dream body.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you