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The Do’s & Dont’s for Diet Success

Prior planning prevents poor performance. That idiom that holds true whether you are preparing for battle, getting ready to go on an expedition, training for a sports event, or thinking about going for a diet. Yet, many people undermine their diets by failing to prepare properly before they start. It’s no wonder that 90% of…

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Eating Carbs at Night Makes You Fat?

Where This Myth Stems From We have two places this idea could have been conjured up from. First up is “logic” the uneducated guy or girl, I guess that the way the media often portrays carbs does lead them to thinking that carbohydrate are bad and the macronutrient most likely to be stored as body…

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3 major mistakes when trying to get 6-pack abs

There are a wide variety of myths, misconceptions and misnomers around getting six pack abs even though the motivation to achieve six pack abs may be vanity, having strong abdominal muscles is actually a safeguard against injury. Protecting your lower back is an important priority as you age, and without core strength, many tasks are…

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