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5 Moves for Toned Arms and Shoulders

Remember to achieve toned arms, you need a mixture of compound exercises (exercises that use more than one muscle) and isolation exercise (an exercise that targets a specific muscle.) The reason for this is because you can use heavier weights on the compounds exercises which will help the shoulders and arms. Then finish off with…

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Why to never skip leg day?

Are you someone who thinks, leg day … no way?  Often guys prefer to train their upper body and leave most leg exercises to the girls. These guys are missing out. And not just on the opportunity to get gains, but also many other positive effects leg day can have on their health and overall…

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3 major mistakes when trying to get 6-pack abs

There are a wide variety of myths, misconceptions and misnomers around getting six pack abs even though the motivation to achieve six pack abs may be vanity, having strong abdominal muscles is actually a safeguard against injury. Protecting your lower back is an important priority as you age, and without core strength, many tasks are…

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How to build lean, strong glutes for women!

1: Wake your glutes up with a dynamic warm-up. You know that static stretching before workouts is passé, but doing dynamic movements to wake your muscles up is particularly important because the glutes are a “sleepy” muscle group. When you spend long hours sitting, suffer low back pain, or simply don’t work your glutes sufficiently,…

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Why is foam rolling important?

What is Foam Rolling? Foam rolling refers to a technique for self-massage and post-workout muscle recovery using a cylinder made of dense foam. Why should I be Foam Rolling? We use our bodies every day and repetitive strain, poor sleep and stress, and overuse or underuse can cause our bodies to feel stiff, tired, and…

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How to Train Like A Lady

Many women think that they have to train a certain way, more like a lady, than a man. Today I’m going to debunk this training myth and allow you to be exposed to the truth behind the training style that is really the best for you. I understand. No women wants to look muscles like…

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