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If you are wanting to get fitter, slimmer or more toned, its all on you. If your goal is big enough, absolutely nothing will stop you. So if you have trouble with motivation its usually because you don’t want your goal really bad.

Thats the harsh reality.

If you have children or a loved one, if they called you for help wherever you are, you would stop everything and get there.  No excuses. This is the mindset.

You don’t want to get up early to go to the gym.
You don’t want to organise your meals.
You are not motivated to track your calories, or make a note of what you are eating.

They are excuses, they are your way to kid yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone has days where they miss the gym and they eat bad foods. However if you want to see success you need laser focus. Write down your goal on a piece of paper and give yourself a timescale and work for it, it works.

You can achieve the body you want, because I guarantee, in your life you have set goals and worked towards them.

If you have ever been college or university you have, got a promotion, you will have, or work out a budget to get a car you have.

What you will have done, is simply broke down a massive goal and worked towards it. See what I mean now?

What you shouldn’t forget is, during them time periods you needed to be unbalanced. In the sense that, you might have had to stay up revising late, or working on the weekend, or saving money. You need to put your goals as your priority.

All success requires sacrifices, the before and after pics that we and others love to post. They don’t tell you the full picture, the 6.30am workout, saying no to the co worker who offer’s you a dairy milk, and turning down the glass of wine whilst watching TV on them cold nights.

I think you just want to get in shape bad enough that you will do whats required. Its a question of mindset – watch this for an example

PS – I think this is a mix of ideas in this post, but it was my thoughts at the time. I don’t want this to come across as a tough love post. I want you to reassess, do you really want this goal? Are you willing to do anything for it? Hopefully this helps you see, that you have to focus and grind sometimes to get to your goals.полотенцесушитель в ваннойгорящие путевки в черногорию из одессыкаркасные дома цены отзывытиповые проекты домовтріхомоніаз

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