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One of the most overlooked aspects of training is stretching post workout. It is essential though as it enhances flexibility and reduces muscle tension and soreness. It also helps with muscle recovery and repair.

Some of the major benefits include;

  1. Improved Circulation.

When you carry out an intense workout, the body pumps blood faster to the heart, making it beat faster. Stretching allows the body to cool down and also helps the heart beat to return to a normal state. Stretching also breaks down lactic acid which builds up in the muscles during and after training.

2. Pain Prevention.

Stretching will not completely remove pain after a workout but will certainly minimize it. If you leave muscles tight after a workout, it can lead to injuries such as pulled muscles or even torn muscles.

3. Promotes Muscle Tone.

Stretching is very important after training, particularly weights. Over time your muscles will appear more supple, slender and toned. This will contribute to improving your overall appearance.

4. Reduces Cramping.

Excessive sweating and dehydration can make your muscles cramp horribly. By regularly sipping water and stretching sore muscles, the chances of muscle cramp is reduced greatly.

So next time you finish a workout, take 15-20 minutes to give your muscles a good stretch. You will feel the benefits!

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