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The confusion surrounding carbohydrates is high. To be more precise: White Carbs v Brown Carbs, Simple Carbs v Complex Carbs, High GI Carbs v Low GI Carbs.

The thing is, white carbs, simple carbs and high GI carbs are the SAME thing. Just as brown carbs, complex carbs and low GI carbs are the same thing. Different terminology but exactly the same thing.

The difference is determined by the rate of which a carbohydrate is formed into glucose and enters the body trough the bloodstream. White, simple and high GI carbs will enter the system faster than brown, complex and low GI carbs will.

GI means Glycemic Index. GI measures the rates at which certain carbs enter the blood stream. In other words, it measures how much a food containing carbohydrates raises blood glucose.

Low GI carbohydrates sustain energy levels over a longer period of time as they have slower absorptions. Some of the preferred sources include: Nuts, Fruits, Most Vegetables, Pasta, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato and Oats.

High GI Carbohydrates include: Sugars, Honey, Rice Cakes, Potatoes, Bread, Cereals and White Rice. The high GI sources digest quickly raise energy briefly before crashing back down again.

So, the ideal source of carbs will be brown carbs. If white carbs come into your diet it would be better to eat them pre or post workout as the body can use them for fuel. However, if you’re hitting your macros, you can make room for both in the diet.



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