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Is Gluten Free the Key to weight loss?

The official description about Gluten is “a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains, especially wheat, which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.”

Many people have begun to cut carbs like bread and pasta out of their diet to lose fat and feel better.

Does this work?

Not really

Like many diets and crazes this has been blown out of proposition and many people believe that getting rid of gluten is the answer to massive fat loss, it isn’t. (The answer is burn more calories than you consume.)

So don’t fall for the craze, generally speaking any diet which totally restricts you.  Always end up being too difficult, unrealistic and heading for failure. If you look at recent studies they indicate that the reason why going gluten free is a good idea is because of people telling their friends they heard it works, and its been spread around by word of mouth and celebrity magazines. Not the best reason to start ditching gluten!

If you feel bloated after eating certain gluten products then by all means cut them out, or if you are trying to lower your carbs then dropping foods like bread and pasta is a good way to do it. However if you don’t have any current issues (and haven’t be tested and need to be gluten free), then gluten is fine to include in your diet.


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