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Because nobody ever wrote a song about a small ass!

A strong bum is not just great to look at, but the foundation of a powerful body. Without glute strength we would fail in squatting, lunging, deadlifting and have no stability for upper body work. Most of all we would be weak in movement patterns used in our day to day life.

Here are a set of exercises that we can all do in the gym to work on our bootys!

The Deadlift

A great lift to build the glutes, hamstrings and really increase your strength and help build muscle in your glutes.


Squats are well known for what they do for your legs. Just make sure you are going as low as you possibly can. As studies show the lower you go the more the hamstring and glute muscles work harder.


A move specifically targeted on the glutes, just make sure you have some padding on the bar !


Lunges, the great leg exercise and amazing for getting the heart rate going too.

When doing these exercises always start with a light weight and get a professional to ensure you are using good technique on the exercise’s.

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