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Many women think that they have to train a certain way, more like a lady, than a man. Today I’m going to debunk this training myth and allow you to be exposed to the truth behind the training style that is really the best for you.

I understand. No women wants to look muscles like a man, or have a super ripped physique. You want to look ‘toned’ and curvy in the right places. I get that. First things first, genetics will determine your overall shape and ability to grow muscle or burn fat. Some people grow muscle quicker than others and some people burn fat easier than others. We cannot change our genetics, we must learn to adapt and overcome the issue by making sure we are eating the correct macronutrient split.

What is a macronutrient?

These are simply, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We must find the right ratio of these combined together to make up our daily calorie intake. Once we have our diet in check, then we can get on with the training side of things.

How often should we train?

As often as you would like to train. There are no set rules, just a recommended minimum of 3 times a week according to the ACSM guidelines.

HOW should we train?

Women and men have different hormones. Men have much higher testosterone levels than women which allows them to grow muscle much easier than women. Women find it much more difficult to grow muscle size than men. Worrying about growing muscle is the least of your problems! To grow muscle, both men and women have to be in a calorie surplus. This means that you are eating over your recommended daily calorie intake everyday, which must include a large amount of protein to repair the muscle. Only by eating in a calorie surplus and stressing all your muscles with some serious lifting of heavy weights will you actually start growing muscle! So, don’t be scared of looking manly from lifting weights, unless you are really trying to grow muscle size, I’m very sure you wont have any problems.

But I thought I saw a new muscle?

You don’t grow new muscles. As a child you are fully equipped with all the muscles you are going to need for the rest of your life. What you think you have seen is just a muscle appearing through the fat you may have burned from over the top of it. When you lose body fat, the smooth look you may have had before disappears and muscle tone and shape start to appear under your skin.

In conclusion, women can and should train exactly the same as men. As long as you aren’t over eating your daily calorie intake, you wont get big and bulky or have to worry about getting manly muscles. You can increase strength and fitness without turning into the hulk. For men to grow muscle, is actually also very difficult. If it was so easy for them, I think every guy would be walking round looking like Captain America…and i don’t see that many of them walking around 🙂 Stop worrying, start lifting weights alongside your cardio regime and classes and enjoy trying something new every once in a while.

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