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Cellulite – The Why, The What, and How to get rid of it forever

Cellulite is a real pain in the backside!

It’s not like normal fat – as it isn’t just caused by overeating and lack of activity.

Guys are not affected by it nearly as much as females, but we can still get it.

In males, it just tends to be a bit less noticeable.

Males tend to carry less body fat however not every male is lean and ripped, but due to differences in genetics and hormones, men do typically have a lower body fat percentage than women. Ladies, don’t stress though just because you’re more prone to cellulite doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

With a few tweaks to your diet, your lifestyle, and maybe even your training regime, you don’t have to accept the fate of flabby cellulite, as you can minimise (and potentially even get rid of) it.


What is Cellulite?

Rather than just being normal fat tissue, cellulite is actually pockets of excess fat sandwiched between the connecting tendons that surround muscles.

It sits just under the skin, and gives that lumpy, bumpy appearance, giving it the oh-so appealing name of “cottage cheese skin.”


What Causes It?

Even the leanest of folk can suffer from cellulite.

No matter how lean you get, you will always carry some body fat, and if that body fat becomes squished up towards the skin, it can display itself as cellulite.

Unfortunately, no one is really 100% sure of the causes of cellulite.

It probably goes without saying that if you’re leaner, you’ll have less fat, and so less cellulite, but as even skinny women can accumulate cellulite, it’s worth looking at what the causes might be hormones.


Estrogen almost certainly plays a role, hence why women (who have higher levels of estrogen) get cellulite a lot worse. Some medical professionals also believe that an imbalance with thyroid hormones can be to blame.

If you’re worried about your hormone levels, it’s worth visiting your doctor to get some blood tests run, just to be on the safe side.



You can’t choose your parents, which unfortunately means that if your family members have suffered from cellulite, you may be pre-disposed to it.


Lack of Muscle

The bigger and stronger your muscles, the lower your chances of getting cellulite.

As a lack of firmness in tendons and muscle is one of the big factors in cellulite build-up, it makes sense that a bigger and stronger muscle will hold the fat in place, and make it less likely to “spurge out” and give that cottage cheese look.


Not Enough Protein

You’ve seen all the adverts on TV and in magazines for the super-expensive skin creams that claim to reduce cellulite, and make you look 10, 15, or even 20 years younger.

Do you know what one of the main ingredients in them is…Protein!

Collagen is the connective tissue that is in and around your cells, it is made from protein. A lack of dietary protein can weaken the tissue, which again contributes massively to cellulite. You can certainly save your money on fancy creams and just increase your protein intake instead.


Combatting Cellulite

Need some sure-fire ways to beat cellulite?

These aren’t cure-alls, or quick fixes, and as mentioned already, there’s a certain level of factors out of your control with cellulite but there are things you can do to drop that body fat and look leaner






  1. Lower Your Reps

Lower-rep training with heavy weights has more of an impact on myofibrillar hypertrophy, which is the process of increasing muscle density, as opposed to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which increases fluid volume within the cells.

You’ll get stronger, which will hold that fat in place better.


  1. Pack in the Protein

You need AT LEAST 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight when losing fat.

If you’re not currently eating protein at every meal – start now.

Meat, fish, eggs and egg whites, Greek yoghurt, protein shakes, protein bars, kidney beans, jerky – you know the deal here. Get something protein-based every time you eat.


  1. Build Up Blood Flow

Blood contains nutrients, and increased blood flow can help flush waste products and toxins away from your muscle cells.

A little cardio here and there, along with sports massages could potentially be beneficial.


  1. Keep it Simple

We could talk hormones, genetics, metabolism and skin healing creams all day, but what it comes down to is mastering the basics.

If you stay lean and monitor your diet, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of getting cellulite.

Don’t try to over-complicate the issue, or look for crazy tricks and tactics to beat your problem. Track your macros, get your training in and focus on losing body fat, and you can cross cellulite off your worry list.


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