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5 Myths about female fitness

  1. Let’s start off with the major one! If women lift weights, will they get big? The answer is NO. I am sure that you have seen this many times before but just so your sure. To put it simply, women do not possess the hormones in the necessary amounts to gain muscle as quickly as men do. What actually happens when you lift weights is quite the opposite you actually appear smaller because you trim fat and tone up/build muscle which will look great in that dress you have been wanting to fit into!


  1. Eating more than 3 meals a day will make you gain weight. All you need to remember is that calories are king! Find out how many calories you need and stay within them, it doesn’t matter how much you eat or what time you eat just make sure they fall within your calorie count and context of macro nutrition split (protein, fats, carbohydrates).


  1. All you need to do is run 3 times a week to stay fit and lose fat. Ok, so cardio can aid in fat loss and will make you fitter, but only doing a running club or just going for jogs every other evening will not get the fat off or keep you very fit. You need to make sure your eating in a calorie deficit and doing a combination of training methods including weight training and high intensity training.


  1. You can lose fat in a chosen area. The body cant spot reduce fat, you will not be able to start a training program in hopes of getting rid of your bingo wings straight away. It is true that you can target that area with weight training to get a more toned look but you must first reduce the fat in that area by staying in a calorie deficit and training hard before you see a big difference. Fat loss happens in random sequences and varies from person to person. From our experience it seems to go from areas you wouldn’t notice as much first and then reduces from the places you hate the most towards the end. Sorry guys it’s just how it is!
  2. 5. I am to fat/old/injured to change my body. This is the biggest myth of all, I know there are loads of women out there who feel like since they have had a few children or have a lower back issue that they can’t train to get in to good shape. Anybody can get the body of their dreams (barring medical issues) by having a solid mindset and following a good nutrition and training program.


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