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How to improve your metabolism

If you are able to maximise your metabolism naturally you will lose fat much easier, it’s as simple as that. The issue is that a lot of people’s metabolisms are under performing due to things which they can influence and change via diet. Potentially you will see a very positive change in your condition in a short period of time if you are able to make these changes. This is besides being in a calorie deficit with the correct macronutrient groups and nutrient timing factored in.


Otherwise known as TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone comes from the brain and starts the process whereby T4 is created which can then potentially lead to more T3 being produced which ultimately increases metabolic output. The issue is that many people are extremely inefficient at converting T4 into T3 which means they their metabolic rate is going to under perform.


The importance of optimising gut health for long term health and to get the best results possible are vital. One of these key benefits is improved metabolism! If you’re experiencing digestive issues this can reduce your metabolic output significantly, in some instances by over 20%!


Whilst most people will focus on increasing their thermogenic intake, doing more cardio and things alike to increase their metabolic rate what they tend to miss is the bigger picture. If you are not efficient in all areas then it will cause a knock on effect, inevitably.


Referring back to with optimising gut health, keep a food diary and note down the foods which cause discomfort within your stomach, cause indigestion, heart burn and make you feel lethargic. Remove these from

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