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Deadlifts work more muscles than any other exercise, including the squat. The lift engages all the major muscle groups. It works both the upper and lower body and is the one exercise that you should be doing!
The deadlift has so many benefits, these are some of the main ones:
– [ ] Increased Strength
Because deadlifts use so many muscles to perform them correctly, the natural response from the body is to get stronger. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised how much weight you can actually deadlift when you actually try them! But remember, never sacrifice form for lifting heavier weights!
– [ ] Increased Muscle Building
Similar to the improvement in strength, Deadlifts will improve your muscle mass. Working a muscle forces it to change shape. Imagine the possibilities if you’re working several muscles in one exercise!
– [ ] Cardiovascular Improvements
Deadlifts will take your breath away and increase your heart rate. Fact. Repeating this exercise over and over will improve your CV endurance.
– [ ] Increased Fat Burning
Performing deadlifts correctly will increase the natural production of Growth Hormone within the body. This is the most potent fat burner around. MORE GROWTH HORMONE=INCREASED FAT BURNING!!
– [ ] Stronger Core & Lower Back
Deadlifts will engage your core and strengthen it. The lower back, which is often neglected, will also increase in terms of strength and endurance. A strong core is vital in every day life, not just the gym environment. Deadlifts will improve it 100%.
– [ ] Better Posture
Keeping your back straight and your chest high throughout the deadlift movement is crucial. This movement repeated over and over will improve your posture as the muscles in your core and back get stronger with every set. This improvement in posture will benefit you in day to day life.
One key thing to remember, Deadlifts are a great exercise. When done correctly. If not, they can cause serious injury and damage. If you’re unsure, always get a qualified PT to teach you and show you the key points. And one final thing..

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