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Balance and Stability

Remember when you were a kid and used to run around the playground, swinging from the monkey bars… and times balancing on the balance beam? You were working your core strength and stability without even knowing it and over the years you slowly drifted your focus away from an area of fitness that is so important for your body.

Balance and Stability training are extremely important to your overall health and ability to move through everyday movements. When challenging the body to balance on one leg or on an unstable surface, you’re engaging your core and asking it to keep you safe while keeping it strong. Staggered-stance movements (where you can leave your foot down for support) are even a great way to begin balance and stability work without the fear of tipping over.

Engaging the core and strengthening the midsection of the body,  creates a stronger centre of gravity for your body. All of those years you spent NOT balancing or keeping stable, you’ve caused overcompensation issues whether it be from favouring a specific side of your body or from an injury or accident you may have had.

The number one culprit that causes us all to be a little wonky with our balance is sitting.

Sitting all day in the car or at a desk job doesn’t allow your hip flexors or legs to function as they should when you want to stand and move on your own.  These overcompensation issues throw you off-kilter and can only lead to more injuries down the road if not addressed.

With balance exercises such as single leg and arm strengthening (single leg deadlift, single leg squat, single arm press etc) and stretching your muscles in your legs and hips. Over time, you can slowly adjust and even correct those overcompensations.


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