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Maximising your training this New Year

January is here and for a lot of people, it’ll be the start of another New Years resolution to join a gym and “get in shape”.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this lasts for a few weeks and then for whatever reason, they stop and fall back into bad habits with diet and exercise. This could be down to a number of reasons, maybe they’re demotivated because of a lack of “overnight results” or because they’re just not enjoying training.

This is the biggest reason people stop training. They’re just not enjoying it. There are so many choices out there for people now, whether they’re new to training, or experienced but just want a change.

CrossFit, Spinning, Weight Training, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, and the list goes on. 

The main thing people should focus on when starting training, especially in the new year, is enjoyment. You need to enjoy whatever training you’re doing!

If you enjoy walking, base your training around that. If you enjoy swimming, swim more! If you like going out for a run, go running and base your training around that! It’s something you enjoy, which in turn, means you’re more likely to stick to it!

Here are a few key things that will help you maximise your training heading into the New Year:

  • Pick something you enjoy. The best training for you is the one you enjoy the most.
  • Set yourself a goal. Whether it’s short term or long term. If you want to run a 10k race by the time summer comes, set that goal and work towards it. Or, if you want to drop a couple of dress sizes before your summer holiday, set that as your goal.
  • Track your progress. If you run for 2 miles one day, record it, then the next time you run, aim to beat your time, or increase your distance!  If you lift a certain amount on a certain lift in the gym, write it down, and next time you try it, aim to lift a little more! Tracking your progress will help keep you focussed and on track!
  • Trust the process. There are no overnight fixes when it comes to training or the fitness industry as a whole! It takes time to achieve your goal. Once you reach a goal, there’s always another goal to aim for. It’s a process, but with the right attitude and committing to it, the results will come. 
  • Focus on yourself. People will always say that whatever training they’re doing is the best thing around! It might well be the case for that person. But for you, the best type of training is the one you’re doing. If you’re doing something, enjoying it, getting results, it is the best training for YOU.

Try and follow these pointers when you’re thinking about maximising your training in the new year, whether you’re new to it or want to do something different, and you won’t go far wrong! Remember the key thing: 

“Enjoy your training”

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