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Why women should lift weights?

Here’s a short video of Megan deadlifting 112 kg for 3 reps!

Yet even in 2019 some women are not lifting weights for myths like it will make them bulky or cardio is more effective for fat loss!

For women weight training will make you:
– Stronger and more confident
– Make you more athletic and toned 
– Increase Bone density (important for over 40’s and above to reduce the risk of osteoporosis ) 
– Burn more fat than cardio and help lose weight (as ever you need a good diet too!) 
– More variety, you can do hundreds of different exercises and routines which is far more fun than 30 mins on a cross trainer! 

Also is very difficult for women to get ‘bulky’ as women have much lower testosterone levels than men, and are not going to suddenly pack of masses of muscle mass. 

So ladies lift weights!

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