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Anxiety and exercise

At 360 Fitness gym we pride ourself on our body transformation and getting results with our clients.

But that’s not the only area where clients see massive results.

When Kerry joined us she had a lot of problems with anxiety and wasn’t comfortable in a “normal “gym. Where it’s intimidating and people are posing in the mirror, as she put it!

So even joining a private gym like us, was a big challenge; and it’s not been all plain sailing all the time for her, with her battles with anxiety. 

But these last few weeks especially where Kerry has been dealing with a death in the family, she has chosen to continue working out using it as a distraction and something to focus on. Plus she’s continued to drop weight and tone up around her stomach still in this period.

Kerry is really at home now with us in the gym, talks to everyone and enjoys the sessions. So well done to her, it’s massive progress. 

We have percentage of clients who have some sort of battle, whether that’s mental health, anxiety or depression in these strange times. 

We have found exercise and fitness are huge in helping with these challenges!

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