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Big results for Wendy!

Great effort from Wendy, deadlifting 80kg with the trap bar! 

Wendy started with us with a lot of knee pain, wanted to drop weight and get fitter/healthier.

The changes she has made since working with 360 Fitness Personal Trainer’s have been great. She’s lost weight, exercising 4 times a week( in the small group personal training sessions) can , knee pain has nearly full gone, and loves the challenge of lifting weights 💪

Every week Wendy mentions how’s she’s never been fitter and healthier, which is such a massive positive change and what 360 Fitness is all about 👏 

It won’t be long before we see her hitting then 90kg and building up to 100kg on the deadlift! 

Dropping fat and building strength is the 🔑 for moving better and feel feeling better! 

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