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Ansar’s transformation!

Ansar’s goal when starting with us at 360 Fitness was to improve his muscle mass and weight.

Through his session at the gym, with our Personal Trainer’s. He has certainly done that with 4kg of weight gain since starting and muscle mass going up 👏

Much of the focus has been on increasing strength on the big lifts like squats, dumbbell bench press, deadlifts and we’ve seen major increases. We also do finishers with likes the ski/bike/ airbike at the end of our sessions, to ensure he maintains and builds up his cardio/ fitness. In terms of nutrition, Ansar meals are good, eating lots of protein and generally good foods.

However he gets lots of treats off his patients and used to eat them too regularly for our liking! 🍰🍬

He has done well minimising these, particularly this year.

This will ensure his bodyfat keeps low, as we build the muscle and strength. Ansar works long hours, has a busy job but always makes time for training and this has led to the good results. This is earlier this morning after a push session, still maintaining good technique and finishing the session strong with some press ups

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