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What can be done in 12 weeks at 360 Fitness?

Kim came to us 12 weeks ago with the goal of dropping weight and toning up before her honeymoon.

She ideally wanted to drop 3 kg of fat, whilst looking and feeling better, without taking too much of her time, because she has a busy job and young family. This only took her 135 mins of exercise each week!

After doing 3 workouts a week with us, she has exceeded her goal and is very happy to have lost 6kg of fat, plus she went on holiday abroad too in between for a week!

Kim followed the nutrition plan we set her each week, and that has helped aid her in getting these amazing results.

We educate our clients to know that exercise is for life, as well as to improve their health and fitness, but still the goal is to get results fast for the clients.

So in this case Kim can feel confident on her honeymoon and feel her best.

To start your transformation drop us a message to get involved.

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