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3 1/2 stone off in a year!

Here’s Toms transformation..3 1/2 stone off in a year 👏 

Tom was in the position a lot of clients get into before they join 360 Fitness.

Where they get into a rut, and then get busy with work and just life. 

Losing the motivation to train.

Then the diet goes. 

For many not cooking meals, a lot of time eating more takeaways and not planning meals. 

It’s easy to get into the situation, but it’s also a simple solution to get out of it.

Start getting in a routine where exercise becomes part of your lifestyle, and you accountable, you have someone with you who cares and pushes you to get results like at 360. 

Tom has done initially starting our 28 day program and now he does a coupon of 45 minute sessions a week with us. 

That’s only 90 mins a week..which isn’t a huge amount of time to spend to make sure look better, feel better and be healthier.

He has done amazing, works hard during his sessions and keep the diet pretty good. He could use his job as an excuse as he travels around a lot, but he instead has chosen to pick good options and transform his body.

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