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“I don’t want to get too muscly”

“I don’t want to get too muscly”

“I don’t want to look too big and bulky”

“I don’t need to do weights I just need to do cardio and tone up”

These are just some of the misconceptions a lot of women have around weight training. They’re all absolute rubbish!!

Every female client that walks through the door into 360 Fitness will do weights at some point with our Personal Trainer’s. Here’s why..

Lifting weights isn’t going to make you ‘big and bulky and too muscly’. It’s going to make you stronger and healthier with a great carryover into day to day life and tasks! It’s going to help prevent things such as arthritis or back issues, and for those that already suffer with those, it’s going to help reduce the impact they have on your life!

It will improve bone density meaning you can stay active for longer. 

You’ll maintain muscle. Studies show that between 30 and 70 years old, on average women lose 22% of their total muscle! 

Who wants that to happen really?!

One pound of muscle takes up 18% less space than one pound of fat! 

Again why wouldn’t you want more muscle and less fat?! 

And to put the myth to bed, it’s not the weight lifting that will make you big and bulky. It’s the amount of calories you consume that determines that! If you’re in a massive calorie surplus, yes you’ll get big and bulky. That’s the same for men and women. But if you follow a calorie controlled diet alongside your training, you’ll be in the best shape of your life!

Weight training is absolutely beneficial to fat loss, just as much as cardio, if not more! But at 360, when we put the two together, that’s the magic combination for losing weight and body fat whilst building muscle!

So any women, worried about lifting weights, don’t be! The positives outweigh the negatives. Because there are no negatives!

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