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Healthy eating on a budget

Most people believe healthy eating is expensive, its doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how to eat better and save money.

Buy in bulk – If you go to a local butchers and buy big quantities of meat generally they will have a deal. So look to pick up meats and fish in bulk and freeze them.

You don’t need to buy organic – Just get the highest quality foods you can afford, but you don’t need organic foods. I know organic sounds fancy. However any foods with a cover e.g. bananas, oranges and foods like that stop pesticides getting into the fruit. If you did want to buy organic go for fruits like pears and apples.

Plan your meals – Look in your bin at the end of the week. If its full of foods you are clearly making too big portions or just buying too many things. Plan your meals for week on a weekend and just buy the foods you need. If you have spare food, freeze it and use it as another meal. Usually when you do this will be shocked on how much you are spending.

Eat lots of eggs – Eggs are a complete meal and average out at around 20p a egg. So if you have 3 thats 60p for a full meal! A high protein breakfast is brilliant for fat loss, so starting with eggs is a good options or just keep eggs in, for when you need a quick easy meal.

Don’t buy too much junk – If you look at biscuits, doughnuts or chocolates for example they might only be 2 pound each. Junk food seems cheap but because it doesn’t fill you up its usually just an extra meal loaded with calories and very little nutritional content.

Add Pluses to your diet – Pluses like lentils, beans and peas are really cheap. Plus they have protein and carbs in and can bulk up a meal.

Dont shop when hungry – When you shop when your hungry you will be like a kid in a sweet shop so avoid doing it, and avoid walking down the middle aisles in shops they are the one full of treats!

Hopefully these tips help, if you have any of your own please let us know.

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