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Why you should spend a lot of money on food?

Every meal you put in your body is an investment.

Maybe not right now depending on your age, fitness and health.

But eventually in the future it will come back around.

Think of any family members or friends, who have got obese, out of shape or maybe even got diabetes.

Sure, lack of exercise was a big cause.

But imagine if they ate well, because obesity or any diet related things take months and years even to take effect.

Imagine, if they would have spent more money on good quality food. I’m not saying start shopping at Waitroses.

More the food quality, you should be avoiding ready meals and takeaways. Buying more meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit.

Never think of food as expensive, everything else in life is.

So you can save money, on all the other things, but to survive as human beings we need 3 things, 2 are pretty much free.

So spend as much as you can on good food. You will look loads better, feel better and most importantly have good health.


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