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Why the scales don’t mean everything

POST FOR LADIES – I am sure this isn’t for the last time, but ladies the scales don’t mean everything when changing your body.

Of course its a good way to track weight loss, but that is different from fat loss. If you don’t eat for 3 days you would lose weight, but it would probably be your body burning muscle not fat. (This is what happens with juice diets!.)

Weight loss can be effected daily by:

Time of the workout
Water retention
Food in your stomach
Time of the day
Time of the month for women

Yet a lot of women still buy into the BS that has been told by weight watchers and slimming world. Which has brainwashed women into believing that without weight loss on the scales they have failed.

This is not true, if you are looking for a true measurement there are a few better options.

– Measurements – like checking your stomach, legs and arms every 4 weeks which show if you have lost weight.
– Take a picture of yourself and do it again every 4 weeks.
-Use a piece of clothing like a dress or skirt which might be too tight and see if it becomes more loose in the next 4 weeks.

Take home message : Throw your scales away and focus on how feel and look in the mirror.


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