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Big weights, big muscles?

Training with big weights doesn’t guarantee you will get bigger, the high numbers on the bar don’t mean anything if you are not contracting the muscle properly. The aim for weight lifting is to pump as much blood into the muscle as possible and to recruit as many muscle fibres as possible. When lifting heavy weights, on the flat bench press for example, you may only go down 50% of the way and therefore may mean that you’re only recruiting half the amount of muscle fibres.

Keep it simple and lower the weight to get a bigger stretch within the muscle and a wider range of motion, anyone can do half reps with big weights. But lifting slower and fully contracting the muscle will give you a greater gain in the long run and will also help you avoid all of those joint injuries along the way.

Next time you train if you feel like you are not getting a full range of motion, just lower the weight by 2-5kg and see how you do, remember nobody likes an ego lifter.

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