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Mark joined us a few weeks at 360 Fitness Stalybridge, with some goals of weight loss, toning up and getting fit. As his job is sedentary he was eager to start and feel better; as he has a few injuries to work around too, which our personal trainers can always do.

After only 6 sessions he has lost 10 pounds of weight. With that he feels better and looks better, and is focused on continuing to drop body fat.

The main reason he has lost the weight is first off doing exercise properly, after not doing it for years, coming in to join as has made sure he is working hard, but also changes to the diet.

What happens when people aren’t exercise they get in bad habits, it could be having a few drinks in the evening, or a takeaway a few times a week instead of cooking, or snacking whilst waiting for dinner to cook. 

These bad habits hurt you, because the calories are up, and the weight increases. Just tweaking these bad habits and minimises them can make a massive difference.

So if your goal is fat loss, focus on exercising with some intensity a few times a week, and start slowly tweaking your diet not going extreme! 

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