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Goal setting for results

Goals are important to set to give you something to aim for you.

Everyone’s different some people don’t want to put them self under the pressure, whilst for others it really focuses them.

Ed came to us at 109 kg and wanted to get under 100 kg.

When he started that seemed impossible, he would not eat during the day then have a lot of food at night, general junk and quick snacks like crisps and chocolate.

So we agreed the first goal was to get under 100kg. He got to 99.3 as show below

We have worked with him on his eating habits and he comes in and puts the work in twice a week. Being a scouser in a Manchester gym we have a lot of banter too! 

We now set another goal to get to 95, then eventually to 90. 

Setting goals like this stops it from being too overwhelming and makes it achievable.

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