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Are you tracking progress?

. A lot of gym goers just rely on the scales, which if your goal is weight loss should be coming down, but there are factors each day from :
-salt intake
-how much you ate the day before,
-time of the month for ladies
– if you have been to the bathroom

If your goal is a healthy body, do not always get obsessed with the scales, it can’t work against you because we find some clients will go on a binge, or miss gym sessions if they have a bad week with their weight.

In our gym, at 360 Fitness, our Personal Trainer’s check all aspects of health and fitness for results.

From heart rate, blood pressure for health. To measuring the clients, as well as checking the weight. As well as clothes, to strength and performance in the gym.

This gives you a true indication of progress and helps motivate our clients going forward!

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