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A stone off for Colin

Colin was 104.2kg when he started with us at 360 Fitness and weighed in at 97.2kg today, including losing 6 percent bodyfat and gaining muscle.

When Colin started he had a bad knee too, we worked around it, strengthened the muscles around the knee too. With the weight coming off, it doesn’t affect him anymore, and he can run again too.

He’s very consistent with his sessions coming in twice everyweek to work with our Personal Trainer’s, putting in the hard work 💪Colin at one point was struggling to get below the 100kg mark, but we reassessed his nutrition, started tracking to give him an idea of how much calories and protein he needed to hit and its got him into a good routine with his diet. He hasn’t had to cut out alcohol or foods he enjoys, as he’s just be mindfully of the amount he needs to consume and it’s worked well for him!

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