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From struggling to walk with one leg, to climbing walls!

If you read these blogs regular, I have covered some of Ian progress in the past, and he continues to go from strength to strength.

Ian recently when to an activity day and took park in things like canoeing, cycling and wall climbing.

He puts a lot of this down to the strength he has developed in the gym with us.

Ian has not only lost a few stone. Hes doing things thinks like pushing the prowler, built up strength to do press ups on the bench, and deadlifting, even walking without his stick now.

Ian is a true inspiration on mindset and how to keep positive and improve your life even after adversity.

Imagine how easy it would be for him to sit at home and whinge about his situation!

He’s also a role model for the clients because we they say they can’t do an exercise, have an injury or something is hard. Ian shows, we can help clients work around anything and everything is possible.

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