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Why work with a personal trainer, and why at 360 Fitness? 

A lot of people will join a commercial gym before coming to us. 

What usually happens (as a lot of our clients have experienced before joining us.) is you go in, don’t have a clue what to do, and no one talks to you. 

Nevermind getting any help with any equipment, or showing you what to do.

Then you go a few times a week, spend 10 mins on a cross trainer, treadmill and bike. Every session is boring, you don’t get results and you stop going.

360 Fitness is the COMPLETE opposite.

You come in, have a 360 Fitness personal trainer every session, either in a small group or 1-2-1 session, who plans your workout and helps with you nutrition, in our private gym in Stalybridge. 

Not only do they know you, in this gym, clients become friends. You feel comfortable in a gym and enjoy it, which a lot of people never thought was possible! 

Plus the bonus is you get results, the main reason you joined the gym in the first place 💪

If this sounds like the environment you want to be in, drop us a message now!

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